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Model  W3MXKD56301
Main dimensions  Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm   4560×1600×1990
Dimensions of the cargo body (LxWxH)mm  2700×1600×500
Wheel base (mm)  3030
Wheel track (mm)  1400
Min. ground clearance(mm)  280
Max. slope of climb(%) 1580
Min. turning radius(m) 5000
Max. speed(km/h)  6710
Weight Curb weight   (kg)  50
Rated payload(kg) 20
Gross vehicle weight(kg) 4.8
Engine Engine type  CC28X-24G3
Displacement(L) 1.6
Rated horsepower(HP)     28
Steering gear type   Recirculating ball
Service brake and boostingtype  Air  brake
Wheels and tyre size Front wheel 6.00-16
Rear wheel    7.50-16
Electric device Rated voltage  24
Battery  2×6-QW-60MF

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