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  • 产品名称 4YZP-5

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Efficient and reliable engine with 160HP power can provide a steady and high-torque power output, fuel-efficiently, environment-friendly.


Cutting head with a small tilt angle combines snapping board and pull stalk snapping rolls structure, strong ability harvest the lodging corns and minimizes the probability of omission.
Redesigned peering system with lower corn breakage rate can brings you much superior efficiency than before.


Easy to operate

The operator-oriented designing idea and ergonomic interior layout, make every button in the around you clearly marked and easy to touch. Equipped with heater, brings you a more comfortable and pleasant driving experience. Infrared video monitoring system for reversing, peeling machine and barn work process monitoring, all you need to do is sitting in your seat and watching the screen.



Our smooth-shifting transmission with 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear could provide you amazing efficiency. With the high range for travel speed, medium range for mowing and low range for your task at hand. Especially be suitable to large plots harvesting tasks.
Hydrostatic drive system with clutch shifting is more reliable, you can also use mechanical transmission shifting and hydrostatic transmission shifting to separately control the harvester.

Main configuration
CA6110/125ZT (160HP)
Working width (mm)
Maize-head attachment
Snapping and drawing roll
Maize picker gap(mm)
Five-row longitudinal layout (plastic roll and cast-iron roll)
Granary volume (m3)
Unloading mechanism
Top pivot,hydraulic overturn,left-side unloading
Travel mechanism
Infinitely variable speed
Transmission type
1000 series
Driving cab
Circular arc cab with heater
Straw-smash returning
2.61m mid-flail knife

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