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Wuzheng Group sponsors for The Master of Machine competition

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Tractor drivers with a license and two years experience on a working farm are eligible to win $100,000 CNY and a TS Tractor TS1204 in the Master of Machine competition.

The Master and Machine competition is jointly organised by China’s Agriculture News and Farmer Daily News and sponsored by The Wuzheng Group - one of China's leading manufacturers of tractors, trucks and farm machinery.

“We are looking for China's most skilled tractor driver,” Mr Weidong Jiang Chairman and President of the Wuzheng Group said.

“There will be 10 provincial championships, where winners receive $30,000 CNY and named as provincial champion and then a national championship in Beijing from November 15 to 16. Where the winner will be named the best tractor driver in China and walk away with $100,000 CNY tax free on the day and a TS Tractor TS1204”

Drivers in the Shandong provincial competition must successfully complete three skill based events that involve both precision and speed on Friday August 22 from 9am to 3pm at the Wuzheng Groups headquarters.
Even though this is a fun event, it's nothing to mess around with each challenge being designed as a achievable, but also designed to test the contestant s ability to operate TS Tractor TS1204 in a safe manner keeping a safe speed at all times.
All competitors will drive a TS Tractor TS1004 to ensure that no one has an advantage.

In the firsts event drivers have to be the fastest to maneuver their TS1204 around four poles without falling off or hitting anything. In the second event contestants must park their TS1204 in an exact position – the drivers that park closest to the exact spot move on to competed final event. The final event requires drivers to mount an agricultural implement and race across a finishing line.

Each event will be timed and the driver who completes the events with the greatest accuracy and speed will be declared Shandong provincial Champion on the day.

China’s agriculture industry employees almost over half of China’s total work force. The Master of Machine competition recognises the great contribution of China’s farmers in the development of the modern China.

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