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Diversity – Equal Opportunities

We always aim to have the most suitable employee in any individual role, and we aim to secure equal opportunities for all employees in our enterprise.

We aim to stimulate personal growth for our employees by offering them in-house training to suit their personal growth needs.

The program extends beyond our factories and offices. We sponsor basketball games between our workers and professional athletes to build and improve the current status of our team's effectiveness. Basketball also provides an opportunity for every member of staff to be an equal–eliminating any hierarchy on the court.

Health and Safety

We work hard to make sure we have a strong safety culture. The goal of everyone is “No workplace injuries” In addition to ongoing training, everyone actively manages safety in their areas. Our safety documents are written in clear simple language so that people find them easy to read and follow.

To help reduce and prevent workplace accidents, each year we recruit over 200 graduates educated in the importance of health and safety in all facets of our enterprise. They attend a three month graduate rotational program. Once the graduate has completed the program they are then placed in a department related to their chosen career path.

We also display clear and simple health and safety instructions across all our facilities and provide all our employees with the proper safety gear and equipment.

Our corporate responsibility program is like a stool with three strong legs. We care for our employees, we care for our communities and we care for our environment.


We invest in our local schools, universities and educators. We believe our education investments do not just help the communities in which we operate – they help us, too. Tomorrow's Wuzheng employees are today's school children.

We developed and fund the Wuzheng Group’s Student Equity Scholarship. This scholarship assists students experiencing financial hardships complete their studies by providing them with financial aid. So far we have donated over one million USD, which has directly benefited over 300 families and 600 students.

In addition, every year we support the Chinese government’s “Project Hope” initiative which assists high schools in the Shandong Province with the construction, upkeep and on-going improvement of their school facilities.


We keep improving our manufacturing processes and products to reduce our pollution levels. Many of our factories now use recycled water.

We own and operate two organic farms, one in Shandong and one in Xinjiang, because we know the value of healthy food, a clean environment and a thriving community.

And at a community level our engineers have designed skip bin trucks and skip bins to help keep the local streets clean.

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